Why do I support theatrical shows?

I just finished the 12-day festival of independent theatre and the weirdness known as the Soho Think Tank theater show. I had a chance to watch a few shows, including a couple of old favorites. I also got a chance to talk with a couple of performers on the show because I am really a fan of theatrical shows and I decided to write a blog post based on what I told a couple of them. I have posted blogs already about the theatre shows.

This time I will write the reason why I support theatrical shows. First, it’s for independent theatrical musicians and actors who depend on ticket sales to make their living. For some of these performers, they bounce from festival to festival and make a good portion of their income from their take. Some even use one festival to pay for the next one. Imagine the life they have, if no one goes to the theatre to watch their show, they will take home nothing.

In the world we are living now, only few people appreciates theatrical shows either older ones or the geek ones.

Second, similar to books and movies, theatre shows allow us to escape for a time being. The theatre often feels more realistic. While shows can help us enter the world of the story, and temporarily leave our own lives, it can also deliver meaning into our lives as well. Maybe the story brings different perspective of the world that you don’t even notice.

Lastly, just like any form of art, you can really appreciate the hard work, sincerity, passion and dedication of the actors, directors, production staff, etc. that bring amazing and realistic shows to you from time to time.

Maybe you should start supporting theatrical shows too. There are a lot to learn on these kinds of plays and you will help more independent theater actors and staff.