Want to help us develop and present the best of New York's independent theatre scene? You can support the New Ohio in three ways:

See the work.
Tell your friends.
Make a tax-deductible donation.

(New Ohio Theatre is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit institution. All
donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.)

You can also mail a check to:

New Ohio Theatre
154 Christopher Street, Ste. 1E
New York, NY 10014

Your help is deeply appreciated!

New Ohio Theatre is generously supported by:

Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York

Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation

Foundation for Contemporary Arts

Mary Duke Biddle Foundation

Mental Insight Foundation

NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

New York State Council on the Arts

Peg Santvoord Foundation

2014 New Ohio Supporters:

Jean Barmash, Paul Benacerraf, Steve Bloom, Michael Blumstein, Felipe Bucalo, Kelly Burdick, Keith Champagne, Rachel Chavkin, Anna Chelak, John Chiaravalloti, Lynda Crawford, Rebecca Dealy, Ann Dempsey, Joe Dettmore, James Doran, Sarah Dunn, Joseph Fink, Karen Fricker, Bryan Garner, Katharine Gilbert, Paul Gruber, Stephanie Goldstone, C. Gonzalez-Lenahan, David Herskovits, Jeffrey Scott Johnson, Clay Jordan, Janel Kaplan, Iva Kaufman, Nick Kinling, Betsy Krieger, Elizabeth Lail, Allan Lefcowitz, Robert Levin, Warren Liebold, Jacob Liman, Doug Macleod, Umaimah Mahmud-Thiam, Eliel Mamousette, Eric Markub, Giselle Mazier, Debra Morris, Elizabeth Murchison, Jaime Nelson, Leah Olson, Donna Orosz, Anna Page, Mark Palgy, Karin A. Papes, Kichka Pascaru, Raja Harb and Anna S. Posner, Kay Rankin, Lorraine Regan, David Rey, Sung Rno, Sarah Robotham, Dahlia Rockowitz, Mark Rossier, Alice Rothman-Hicks, Lauren Schatten, Martin Shanker, Julie Stainer, Jane Stein, Gwynne Stoddart, Eugenia Van Bremen, Emily Verla, Steven Watson, Patricia Weiss, Carolyn Williams, Katharine B. Wolpe, Peter Yawitz

THAT POOR DREAM (2014), by The Assembly. Photo by Nick Benacerraf.
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