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(July 8, 2010) New York, NY – 3-Legged Dog and The Ohio Theatre are excited to announce

OHIO INTERRUPTED @ 3LD, the Ohio’s new 3-year residency at 3LD Art & Technology

Center, located at 80 Greenwich Street in NYC. The residency allows the Ohio Theatre to continue

its programming and momentum while it takes time to create a careful strategic plan.

Robert Lyons, Artistic Director of the Ohio Theatre says, “Losing our home of 29 years is truly a

disaster. But it is at times like this, when everything is in flux, that unforeseen opportunities appear.

3LD has been one of my favorite venues since they opened. I’ve always admired the work I see there,

and the spirit of community they foster. I feel Kevin and I value very similar things. I’m very excited by

this opportunity.”

For 3LD the partnership will expand and deepen the 3LD community and contribute to 3LD’s “strength

in numbers” tactical response to the recent devastating cuts in arts funding in New York. 3-Legged

Dog’s Executive Artistic Director Kevin Cunningham says, ”We got together, looked at our

circumstances, our aesthetic programs and missions and our operating assumptions and quickly

concluded that our similarities make this partnership an obvious choice. We believe we have developed

an innovative improvement on the merger model with an agreement that preserves the autonomy of

both organizations but allows us to work together for our common betterment.”

This residency will provide a secure platform that will allow the two-time Obie Award-winning Ohio

Theatre to continue its long history of producing, presenting and curating the high quality programs

that have established it as an indispensable pillar of the downtown theatre community. At the same

time the addition of the Ohio’s programming to 3LD’s award winning mix will bring together under one

roof two of the most active and important centers for arts production in New York and will deepen

ties within the beleaguered downtown arts community, creating a more secure atmosphere for the

creation of new artwork for all involved.

OHIO INTERRUPTED is an informal coalition, led by Soho Think Tank, of the core companies who

produced at the Ohio Theatre. Ohio Artistic Director Robert Lyons adds, “The goal is to build on the

long-term relationships that developed within the Ohio Theatre artistic community, in order to define

and create new opportunities for further cooperation.” These opportunities include, but are not limited

to, the pursuit of a long-term rental or purchase of a new theatre space in Lower Manhattan.

Companies participating in OHIO INTERRUPTED @ 3LD next season include Clubbed Thumb with 

Roadkill Confidential by Sheila Callaghan, New Georges with The Germ Project, and Soho Think Tank’s

Ice Factory 2011.

Both award-winning companies have faced difficulties recently despite their stellar track records

as producers and presenters of some of the best cutting edge artwork in New York. 3-Legged Dog has

been struggling to recover from the loss of 90% of its contributed income due to the recession and

was recently threatened with eviction by its landlord, the MTA. The MTA has withdrawn those threats.

The Ohio Theatre will be evicted from its home of 29 years in Soho to make room for yet more

high-end retail in Soho. The final performance in the space will be August 14th, immediately followed by

a blow out dance party.


Organization Contacts:

3-Legged Dog: Kevin Cunningham (Executive Artistic Director): Kevin@3leggeddog.org


Ohio Theatre: Robert Lyons (Artistic Director): thinksoho@aol.com


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