"Hold Music...is one of the most engaging and exciting new works of theatre I've seen this season.... Videt's staging is fluid, fun, and playful."

—Martin Denton
NYtheatre.com, March 2011

"ONE ARM AND A LEG is one of the most exciting theater pieces I have seen this year ... Startlingly visceral...Eerily beautiful... Brilliant ... Videt and her company reimagine the elements of the avant garde in their own,exciting terms—and with flashes of humor ... If you want to glimpse theatre's future, go see ONE ARM AND A LEG."

—Heather Violanti,

New Ohio Theatre presents


JULY 3 - 6


Produced by SIGHTLINE
By B. Walker Sampson
Directed by Matt Stone and Calla Videt
Choreographed by Rick and Jeff Kuperman

Lighting design: Jon Cottle and Mary Ellen Stebbins
Video design: Victoria Crutchfield
Set design: Grace Laubacher
Graphic design: Jaki Bradley
Stage manager: Sofie Seymour
Dramaturg: Megan O'Keefe
Producers: Natalie Gershstein, Lauren Rayner, Calla Videt

With: Merrie Jane Brackin, Isabel Carey, Melanie Comeau, Ricky Kuperman, Jeff Kuperman, Tatiana Pavela, and Avery Pearson

MY MACHINE IS POWERED BY CLOCKS, the latest piece from SIGHTLINE, considers a time when time travel has become a relatively common thing, when a future can be seen and a past can be changed. As with any kind of new technology, there are potential pitfalls and abuses. Like pieces in a game of Jenga, everything is stacked up on top of everything. You move something from the bottom; the top pieces collapse. You can escape your own time and context, but you may lose focus. You may even forget who you are.

SIGHTLINE (theater co) , has presented work at Ars Nova, soloNOVA/New Ohio Theatre, Dixon Place, Figment, Culture Project, the Living Theatre, HERE, Theater for the New City, and the Gene Frankel Theater. We are a company of collaborators, and the thread that connects all of our projects is our emphasis on developing work that features the skills and talents of our ever-changing line-up of writers/performers/designers and that emphasizes the social, intellectual, and aesthetic issues we find most compelling in the modern world. Our work is originally-devised, science-themed, and socially-minded. Our material comes to us from many places, our subject matter seeks to innovate form, and our voice reinvents itself from project to project.

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