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New Ohio Theatre presents


JULY 31 - AUG 3



Liz Davito, Jessica Weinstein, Eamonn Farrell, Lucrecia Briceno

AnEn is so far ahead of the curve it has to watch out not to bite its own tail.

-Lee Breuer

With I LAND, Anonymous Ensemble invites the audience to spend an evening on an island far from their daily lives, yet mysteriously inhabited by their inner lives. This meticulously crafted performance event will investigate the evolution of our imaginations as Anonymous Ensemble leads the audience on an expedition into an uncharted terrain of commonplace fantasies and wildly improbable realities.

Anonymous Ensemble strives to engender a new form of audience experience that encompasses the immediacy of live performance, the fluidity of film, and is profoundly interactive. We ask how the live audience can be co-creators of each performance event. We value creating community wherever they go and giving voice and agency to our audiences in our explorations of the human condition, our collective storytelling, and our commitment to the limitless possibilities of imagination.

Anonymous Ensemble first became known as creators of the episodic, multimedia, rock spectacle THE BEST which performed in NYC, Australia and Berlin from 2003 to 2008.  Our interactive “narrative dance party,” Wanderlust, premiered in the Ice Factory Festival in New York in 2007 and toured the UK and Norway in 2008 and 2009. In 2010 and 2011, we voyaged to Greece to develop our live, bilingual “Rebetiko/Rock Documentary” The Return. In 201l, we created The Turing Opera, which premiered with the National Opera of Greece. In 2012, we developed LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! a “live film love affair” with an audience which premiered at the New Ohio Theater in NYC and is currently touring in the United States and will tour the UK in 2014. I LAND will continue to evolve and premiere at Incubator Arts in January and February of 2014.

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