About Us

The Soho Think Tank theatre is one of downtown’s oldest theatres. With its amazing and high quality features, this theatre is one of the last of the great converted factory spaces in Soho.

Founded in 1984 by a playwright/director, back when Soho was considered a scary neighborhood theatre haunted with benign spirits of theatre history but still scary for some different reasons. Today, the Soho Theatre is widely recognized as a primary pillar of the downtown theatre scene, both a launching pad and a place to land for the generation’s most talented theatre artists.

The Soho Think Tank is one of New York’s leading theatres offering a performance venue that serves the independent theatre community of New York and the great talents who always participate in role plays. Knowing the challenges and rewards of producing and presenting alternative, groundbreaking theatre we are still in a state of being a beacon of courageous and innovative theatre company. In any given year, there are a lot of independent theatre companies working for opportunities to develop and present new work. We believe the best of this community operates at the core of the contemporary theatre conversation and acts collectively to expand the boundaries of the public imagination.

Soho Think Tank aims to establish a professional, high-profile platform for the independent theatre community and as a destination for mature, ridiculous, engaged, sophisticated, and profound theatrical endeavors.

During a long period of time, we worked extensively with clients across the theater acting industry. We worked with some amazing clients over the years and the theater grew significantly and with the help of donors who are so much appreciative of our work and continue to believing in us and in our talents.

We believe in strengthening, nurturing and promoting a culturally diverse community of independent theatre artists and theatre companies by regularly producing and presenting new work at the Soho Think Tank Theater.

Thank you for spending your time with us.

If you want to know more information about our website or our company, connect to us and send any of your questions or concerns

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