November 2007

Soho Think Tank


Written by Vaclav Havel
Directed by Robert Lyons
Translation by Jan Novak

Production Staff:
Lighting Maryvel Bergen
Set and Costumes Kanae Heike
Producing Director Erich Jungwirth
Associate Producer Vanessa Sparling
Assist Director Laura Newman

Andy Paris
Richard Toth



February 2004

Soho Think Tank
Mother's Little Helper

Written and performed by Lenora Champagne
Directed by Robert Lyons

Productions Staff:
Produced by Erich Jungwirth
Set & Costumes by Liz Prince
Lights by Tyler Micoleau
Sound by Eric Shim


“A lively meditation on the state of the world. Smart and charismatic…genuinely funny”
– nytheatre.com


February 2002

Soho Think Tank
The Mama Dramas

The ironies, longings, and wonders of motherhood.

Two solos written and performed by Lenora Champagne:

Directed by Robert Lyons

Directed by Rachel Dickstein

Production Staff:
Set & Costumes by
Liz Prince
Sound & Music by
Gina Leishman &
Katie Down
Lights by Andrew Hill
Assist Director & SM
Katrina Bugyaj
Assist SM Melanie Milhorat








Soho Think Tank

Michael Ratomski's

Gutter Sparrow

La mome Piaf

Featuring Graziella Ressi

Directed by Robert Lyons





The Best Things in Life

New Solo written and performed

by Lenora Champagne

Directed by Robert Lyons











Project III

Biography: a game

Written by Max Frisch

Directed by Robert Lyons


Jeffery Johnson,

Neil Larson,

Alison Russo,

Ed Schroader

and Margaret Weber.




July 1994

Soho Think Tank
Isabella Dreams the New World

Written by Lenora Champagne
Directed by Robert Lyons
Music by Zeena Parkins

Production Staff:
Set by Liz Prince
Lighting design & Technical director Hal Eager
Costume Design Lenora Champagne
Stage Manager Marie Grillo
Set Design Robert Lyons
Production Asst Lora Grillo

Socorro Santiago
Donald Warfield
Steven Vause
Mimi Garth
Kenneth Talberth
Erin Eager









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