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Production History

March 2009

Soho Think Tank Productions

Red Haired Thomas

Written By Robert Lyons
Directed by Oliver Butler
Featuring: Danny Beiruti, Alan Benditt, Nicole Raphael, Danielle Skraastad
and Peter Sprague.

Sound Design: Nathan Leigh
Costume Design : Sydney Maresca
Lighting Design: Mike Riggs
Set Design: Tom Gleeson
Stage Manager: Bailie Slevin

Assistant Stage Manager: Jessy Teboul

Run Crew: Erin Pellechia, Sasha Smith


"Intelligent, engaging and absolutely fresh"

"A wacky, multi-layered allegory... a topical romp... a clever red herring... uniquely entertaining."
- offoffonline.com



His daughter doesn't need him. His wife might leave him. His newspaper vendor just might kill him. A gambler's darkly comic spiraling descent into a paranoid mythology of power point presentation and hostage videos.

Can Thomas Jefferson save him?(with songs.)

Straight from the Ice Factory '08 workshop production.



"Highly original... This sweetly fractured fairy tale is a tasty slice of city life... zips along with eclectic humor... ingeniously daffy... (with) the occasional gut punch to remind us of what a frightening world we live in."
- New York Times



October 2006

Synapse Productions

The Doorman’s Double Duty


Written & Directed by Robert Lyons

Matthew Maher
Celia Schaefer


Production Staff:
Video Designer Marilys Ernst
Set/Costume Designer Tijana Bjelajac
Sound Designer Valentine Miele
Assist SM Beatrice Lorenzetti
Assist Director Rob Ribar
Associate Producer Vanessa Sparling


“A sweet one-act by Robert Lyons that is obliquely about surveillance and suspicion”

–NY Times



A uniformed doorman and a tenant with an eye for security cameras share a paranoid smoke on a rainy night, negotiating the distance between the curb and the absence of a cab.


" A gem"
- New York Times



October 2003

Soho Think Tank
No Meat No Irony

Written & Directed by Robert Lyons

Produced by Joseph Gallo & Erich Jungwirth

Celia Schaefer
Jeremy Brisiel

Lighting Designer Tyler Micoleau
Set Designer David Evans Morris
Sound/Composer Peter Clarke
Costume Designer Kelly Hanson




“…represents the best of New York City’s downtown theatre.”
- nytheatre.com




A comic tale of a one-night stand between a successful vegetarian CEO and a business writer (with a taste for red meat rhetoric) who wants to pen her life story as an inspirational management guide. Over green tea and take-out, red wine and reefer, sex and sunrise, they both wrestle with a series of truths.



" Skilfully directed... gorgeous... stunning.. cool and sexy"
- In-NYC.com


June 2001

Soho Think Tank

P.R Man

Written & Directed by Robert Lyons

Produced by Erich Jungwirth for VoiceChair Productions, Inc.

Production Staff:
Sets Scott Laule
Costumes Shelley Norton
Sound Michael Kraskin
Lights Tyler Micoleau
Video Julian Rad

Casting Samuel Buggeln

Alison Cimmet
Paula Ehrenberg
Martin Epstein
Susan Rutledge
Chris Henry Coffey
Kevin Elden
James Lorenzo
Thomas Shaw

Featured in American Theatre magazine and is currently in development with Zephuros One films in Los Angeles.


“Purely theatrical pleasures”
- TimeOut NY


a surreal spin on the world of public relations.


“a surreal environmental sex farce…”
- O’Dwyer’s PR Daily




December 2000

Jay McInerney

How it Ended

Adapted by Robert Lyons

Lightning Strikes Theatre Co. in cooperation with Playboy Magazine and the Playboy foundation

Featuring Roy Bacon, Jeff Buckner, Martin Everall, Lori Funk, Ethan Kent, Scott Andrew Kurchak, Michelle Maryk, Robyn Parsons, Stephen Bishop Seely, D.L Shroder, Rochelle Stempel.


Commissioned adaptations






May 2000


The Possessed

Adapted by Robert Lyons and Kristin Marting


Paul Boocock, Mariana Newhard, Thomas Shaw, Richard Toth, Molly Ward and Cezar Williams.

Music by Matthew Pierce, Set by David Morris, Lights by Christien Methot, Costumes by Kay Voyce, puppets by Kevin Augustine. Stage Managment by Kathryn Hayzer.




January 1996


The Fever

Tiny Mythic Theatre

Based on three sort works: the double, the landlady & White nights

Adapted by Robert Lyons and Kristin Marting

With Alan Benditt, John Conoley, Andrea Jaco, Ilyana Kadushin, Roberta Kastelic, Alexander Pak and Jan- Peter Pedross.

Sets by Darrel Maloney, Lighting by Allen Hahn, Costmes by Kaye Voyce, Sound by Tim Schellenbaum














April 1992

The Naked Anarchist

Project III

Written by Robert Lyons
Directed by Tracy Brigden

Featuring Elizabeth Bonsal, Tito Enriquez, Neil Larson, Sergio Maciel, Veronica Caldwell, Dj Mendel, Kellu Munn, Andrew Palmer, Maggie-MEg Reed, Jody Sperling, Susanna Szperling Mark Wolff, Nami Yamamoto





May 1992


Project III
Vater Knows Best

Conceived by Robert Lyons and Jeffrey Johnson





April 1991


Project III

Developed by Robert Lyons and Co.

Directed by RObert Lyons

With Elizabeth Bonsal, Neil Larson, Margaret Weber, Jeffery Johnson.

Lighting Design by Kristin Marting

Costume by Margaret Weber, Set by Neil Larson, Music by Jeffery Johnson

Stage Managment by Carl Skutsch





March 1989

September 1988

Project III
Dream Conspiracy

Written and Directed
by Robert Lyons

With Franca Barchiesi, Elizabeth Bonsal, Don Crozier, Laura Curley, Neil Larson, William D.Michie






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