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With its amazing and high quality features, this theatre is one of the last of the great converted factory spaces in Soho.

Theatre has been around for hundreds of years. When these movies, internet games, magazines and TV shows were not yet existing, theatrical shows were already there to entertain people and let them experience fun, laughter, sadness, love and everything.

Soho Think Tank was created by a playwright/director in 1984 to give entertainment to people. Taking his job seriously, he started to accept theatre actors to play for his show. Since, he has no place to do the show yet, he decided to rent home with a contemporary garage door in New York, a small space enough for them to create a stage show. Preparing for the play, actors, directors and the staff trained hard to deliver a great performance since it was a first launching of their show. Until now, Soho Think Tank still does the same kind of training and put in the same level of passion for their shows.

A lot of people describe our theatre play as something magical, and truly an extraordinary experience for them. They bring their family members and friends to watch the performances of Soho Think Tank actors. Our story will never get old, every performance we give is like a brand new thing. We always feature new actors, new directors and new storylines as we want all our actors and directors to experience different kinds of stories to play as well as to provide maximum entertainment value to our audiences.

Soho Think Tank has now expanded from a small space of a garage to a big theater hall with the help of our supporters and donors. Our theatre is for rent to the independent theatre community who need a place for their shows and other organizations who need venues for their events.

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I just finished the 12-day festival of independent theatre and the weirdness known as the Soho Think Tank theater show. I had a chance to watch a few shows, including a couple of old favorites. I also got a chance to talk with a couple of performers on the show because I am really a fan of theatrical shows and I decided to write a blog post based on what I told a couple of them. I have posted blogs already about the theatre shows. This time I will write the reason why I support theatrical shows. First, it's for independent theatrical musicians and actors who depend on ticket sales to make their living. For some of these performers, they bounce from festival to festival and make a good portion ...
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